A nun and monkey walk into a bar...
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2002-01-11 23:09:22 (UTC)


Went to the doctor today and found out that I have kidney
stones. FUNFUN. My day has been pretty busy. I went and had
an ultra sound in Bellvue this morning, then to the doctor
in Issaquah, then back to Seattle for a meeting about the
Inn, and then back out to Issaquah for school and work.
Later Im going back out to Seattle for the weekend.Good
thing gas is 1.01/gal. Although latley thats barely been

Other than that not much else happening. Just gonna go
finish laundry and have peace and quiet for a half hour
before heading to work.UGH. I wanna go but, Id also like
some down time for a bit. Being as emotional as I have been
the past couple days (crying when someone looks at me
funny) its probably not good that Im going to work. Ah
well, I really need the money right now.Gotta pay the
parking nazis off.

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