Intrigueing diary title
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2001-04-14 00:34:32 (UTC)

What is hidden in an empty box?

Yay someone replied about the woodchuck question. Still no
joy on the milk tray front. However the person who told me
that woodchucks do exist left me with an intriguing
question .
Its late and I can't really think straight but if anyone
else has any ideas contact me.
I can't leave the entry at just this or I'll lose public
interest.(leans back in chair in contented manner and
lights up a big cigar)

I thought love was only true in fairytales meant for
someone else but not form.
now love was out to get me thats the way it seemed
dissapointment follows on my dreams
but then I saw her face now I'm a believer without a trace
of doubt in my mind
I'm in love ooooooooooo I'm a believer I couldn't leave her
if I tried

Nothing the box is EMPTY goddammit I am too tired for this

Hey if someone were selling sea shells on the sea shore
would you buy them NO you'd turn round to the completely
insane prozac addict and "why the hell should I purchase
the recently inhabited living quarters of a dead mollusc
when I can simply walk the beach and get them for free you
stupid crack ridden fool"
What the hell are we teaching our kids no wonder the
economy is in such a mess.
(Hums rule britannia sticks hand up jumper in lord Nelson
pose and skips home to have his tea)
Please reply about the box thing or I'll go insane