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2002-01-11 23:04:33 (UTC)

mandi mandi

xDelusionx666: mandi mandi?
TwiztidPhreakete: hola hunny
xDelusionx666: sup
TwiztidPhreakete: nothin talkin to james and you lol
xDelusionx666: ooo
xDelusionx666: imma talkin to u n muh babi =x
TwiztidPhreakete: aww
TwiztidPhreakete: he seems sweet
xDelusionx666: mmhmm he ish
TwiztidPhreakete: aww i'm glad your finally happy hun
xDelusionx666: =) me too
TwiztidPhreakete: you deserve it girl
xDelusionx666: thankz lol i didnt fink i did
TwiztidPhreakete: now make sure he's treatin ya right, or
he'll answer to me lol
xDelusionx666: lol aite
xDelusionx666: drew wuznt treaten me rite so i sed da hell
wif him
xDelusionx666: he wuz high every nite n jus fuked up
TwiztidPhreakete: thats whatcha gotta do babes
xDelusionx666: mmhmm
TwiztidPhreakete: hehe he's talkin to me now
xDelusionx666: lol i kno he told me
TwiztidPhreakete: hehe okies
xDelusionx666: lolz nice to habe im's these days eh
TwiztidPhreakete: hehe ya it is
xDelusionx666: he fell asleep on da fone wif me once =x
TwiztidPhreakete: aww i've done that before to andy
xDelusionx666: yah
TwiztidPhreakete: he was pissed lol
xDelusionx666: =oO awwz
TwiztidPhreakete: damn he is a good guy, keep this one girl
xDelusionx666: lol show me
TwiztidPhreakete: TwiztidPhreakete: thats good, ya treatin
her right? (sorry i hafta grill, dun wanna see her hurt)
xxFigAdOh187xx: well ask her urself =) n i care bout dis
gurl more den nething n das why ima get her away from her
dad n i jus might pay a visit to him for da hell of it
TwiztidPhreakete: TwiztidPhreakete: good you sound like a
keeper, she's pretty happy so far from what she's told me :-
xxFigAdOh187xx: daz all i tryin to do is make muh baby
happy =x
xDelusionx666: awwwwwwwww
TwiztidPhreakete: xxFigAdOh187xx: i been thru alot of shyt
to get dis happy so ima make it last forever if possible
TwiztidPhreakete: TwiztidPhreakete: damn you sound like
Andy, we been together 3 yrs. Imma tell you its not
easy,but if you care for her, possibly love her. its worth
xxFigAdOh187xx: well i do love her n it guna work =x
TwiztidPhreakete: good, remember that when she's bitchin at
ya to out the toilet seat down *L*
xxFigAdOh187xx: lol
xxFigAdOh187xx: is okie i tell her to let sum anger out on
me cuz she need to n i dont mind =x
xDelusionx666: lol
TwiztidPhreakete: but you DON"T lnow about this
xDelusionx666: okayz
xDelusionx666: -x
xDelusionx666: =x
TwiztidPhreakete: lol we evil
xDelusionx666: yesh alwayz =x
TwiztidPhreakete: haha ahh good he's my age too, someone to
relate to
xDelusionx666: lol mhmm
xDelusionx666: he owns 50% of a resturant
xDelusionx666: da other 50% is his moms
TwiztidPhreakete: ahh well to do man then too
xDelusionx666: mmhm
TwiztidPhreakete: damn go girl
xDelusionx666: what
TwiztidPhreakete: i'm lovin this boy *L* he's really diggin
xDelusionx666: show me show me!
TwiztidPhreakete: nothin new yet, but i can tell he's into
xDelusionx666: =oO
TwiztidPhreakete: ok he passes the Mandi test, you may not
date and mary this one (but not for few years)
TwiztidPhreakete: eww now
xDelusionx666: lol
xDelusionx666: what
TwiztidPhreakete: damn nails gettin in tha way, that SHOULd
have said...TwiztidPhreakete: ok he passes the Mandi test,
you may NOW date and mary this one (but not for few years)
xDelusionx666: =oO
TwiztidPhreakete: aww he really wants you to come w/ him on
his bday
xDelusionx666: =oO show me
TwiztidPhreakete: xxFigAdOh187xx: everytime i have a gurl n
summin special comes along i never get to spend it with them
xxFigAdOh187xx: n i really wanted me n kat together for my
21st bday
xDelusionx666: awwe
TwiztidPhreakete: TwiztidPhreakete: aww why can't she come
xxFigAdOh187xx: umm i think she said summin bout school n
her brothers bday TwiztidPhreakete: i'll talk to the girl
*L* she knows better than to backtalk me *lol*
TwiztidPhreakete: GIRL go wit this boy
xDelusionx666: =oO
TwiztidPhreakete: ok hun lemme put it to ya like this, if
your NOT with him on his 21'st bday i WILL come up there
and chain you to your bed WITHOUT him *lol*
xDelusionx666: =oO
xDelusionx666: dat be fun
xDelusionx666: =x i dunno if i can go
TwiztidPhreakete: and why not?
TwiztidPhreakete: school=eh you can miss few days, won't
he'll make sure your home for your bros
xDelusionx666: no on
xDelusionx666: my bros is da day after his
xDelusionx666: lol
xDelusionx666: skewl=i missed 4 months of it
TwiztidPhreakete: Ugh dammit take your bro wit you *L*
xDelusionx666: lol
TwiztidPhreakete: xxFigAdOh187xx: yuh she does
xxFigAdOh187xx: i jus hope i can b dat guy
xDelusionx666: ehs watu sey to him
xDelusionx666: show me watu sed n where he goes yus she does
TwiztidPhreakete: xxFigAdOh187xx: ur nice :o) i like yew
TwiztidPhreakete: hehe i hope so, Just tryin to keep her
from doin anything to ruin this. your a good guy and lord
knows she deserves one
xDelusionx666: =oO
TwiztidPhreakete: TwiztidPhreakete: yup just treat her good
and you'll keep me off your back lol.
xxFigAdOh187xx: lol
xxFigAdOh187xx: ill treat her like a queen =x
xDelusionx666: =oO!!!!1
TwiztidPhreakete: DAMN
xDelusionx666: what
TwiztidPhreakete: TwiztidPhreakete: correct answer, you
have now passed the Mandi test, you may now date and
possibly marry kat (but not for a few years) lol
xxFigAdOh187xx: =Oo
xxFigAdOh187xx: woop =x
xxFigAdOh187xx: so we got ur blessin
TwiztidPhreakete: yup, as long as she is well taken care
of, both financially and lovinly
xDelusionx666: =oO
TwiztidPhreakete: xxFigAdOh187xx: well lemme say diz
TwiztidPhreakete: ?
xxFigAdOh187xx: i dropped outa school*bad choice in a way*
which she is not i maken sure of it..im 20 years old and
already own a restaurant business. i worked there for 2
years and they was gonna close it so i decided to buy it
and we are doin very well... so0o0o financially yes and
lovin? i always love her =x
TwiztidPhreakete: ok you passed the "can you take care of
my girl" test..you may now def marry her lol
xDelusionx666: lol
TwiztidPhreakete: KEEP HIM DAMMIT
xDelusionx666: lol aite
TwiztidPhreakete: :-)
xDelusionx666: =D
TwiztidPhreakete: ok babes, i goin nini. keep Adam, be
good ;-)and i'll talk to ya again soon
xDelusionx666: hugz
xDelusionx666: nitenite oh we will =x
TwiztidPhreakete: higgles yew nini
xDelusionx666: hugz
TwiztidPhreakete signed off at 2:13:37 AM.

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