DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
2002-01-11 23:03:28 (UTC)


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*** @277,184!Since our last reboot, our counter is now
at... 306
*** The operators have been paged
*** ; ›»¤Åðä/¥'§ ßã߇ ßøø¤«‹ is Erasing
Hi ›»¤Åðä/¥'§ ßã߇ ßøø¤«‹, Welcome to Ed's Place
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X Palace - Connected via TCP
*** @443,65 Click here to learn about PCRC 2002
Amy: Sure, why not.
›»¤Åðä/¥'§ ßã߇ ßøø¤«‹: =oO
~†~«§µ//§|-l‡//€»~†~: he thinks i copied n pasted
~†~«§µ//§|-l‡//€»~†~: i didnt
›»¤Åðä/¥'§ ßã߇ ßøø¤«‹: my jess aint on =(
Amy: lol
.:l_l//£/€Ð:.: he better watch his big mouth
›»¤Åðä/¥'§ ßã߇ ßøø¤«‹: waaa
Amy: *claps* Very nice.
.::J::.: *bows*
Amy: *throws a rose*
*** @376 136 Hi ›»¤Åðä/¥'§ ßã߇ ßøø¤«‹, I have an
important announcement.
*** @376 136 The apartment server is now WORKING! You
must go to the elevator lobby and check the mail boxes. If
your name isn't on the list that means your apartment will
be reassigned shortly. Contact Stardust if you want to keep
›»¤Åðä/¥'§ ßã߇ ßøø¤«‹: my jessssssssssss
›»¤Åðä/¥'§ ßã߇ ßøø¤«‹: =(
.::J::.: ....what should i do for the next hour
and a half
›»¤J맧‡çĤ«‹: =x
›»¤Åðä/¥'§ ßã߇ ßøø¤«‹: =(
›»¤Åðä/¥'§ ßã߇ ßøø¤«‹: dey tell u i wuz lewkin for u
›»¤J맧‡çĤ«‹: yeah but
›»¤Åðä/¥'§ ßã߇ ßøø¤«‹: who =oO
›»¤J맧‡çĤ«‹: i came on pally
›»¤Åðä/¥'§ ßã߇ ßøø¤«‹: =x
›»¤J맧‡çĤ«‹: then yer like come on pally
›»¤J맧‡çĤ«‹: n i went __

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