mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-01-11 22:13:54 (UTC)

the latest.....

well lets see, it is fri. 01/11/02. this is the latest.
Lisa is being sued for contempt by her ex. he thinks he is
entitled to visitation because he occasionally pays child
support. -What a crock, he hasnt paid support since i think
oct. , and he hasnt even made an attempt to see the kids
since then either. He is such a loser. The van failed its
inspection, why? because person that inspected it was a
jerk & had no clue as to how to operate controls. I need to
take it for next inspection, Lisa took it when it failed,
it woulda passed if i were with her.
We may be getting married sooner than summer , it depends
lots on how things are looking for the contempt hearing.
I am going to open a serious can of whoop-ass over this,
if i cant get my way with my own kids because my ex is an
idiot, than I will get my way with dealing with Lisa's ex.
He has yet to find out just who he is messing with now,
Lisa hasnt had someone like me to back her up before . To
me this is gonna be fun, I love watching people make ass's
out of themselves and he will do a bang-up job of it. There
is no way that he will win, and iff it all goes my way , he
is going to lose all of his rights towards the kids & end
up in jail besides. He is at least 16K BEHIND in support,
so he is only gonna cook his own goose on this.
Well, i guess that is about it for now, except for this -
take care & i will write again later.....