bluff before i

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2002-01-11 21:37:47 (UTC)

this is for you lucas!!..if you're reading

hey lucas,
what's up??...well i'm sorry about leaving you the other
day when we weren't finished how you doing??..
answer your phone!!..hehe..nah it's okay..i'm really sorry
that i lied about my area code not being 562..but i get the
feeling you already knew that..
i forgot to give you that web's something like that's it i think..put
in a topic that you want to debate about..if you have
anything to say about video games then you can reply to my
friend michelle who is losermallrat or something..
i hope to talk to you on the phone soon..i mean, comon, i
call all the way out there in florida from california..i'm
waisting my minutes here..geesh..well give me a chance on
the'll be fun, i promise..hehe..
well talk to you online, i hope, soon..well i'm in class so
i'm gonna stop typing to you later
before i go i must say that my friend eddie says hi or else
he wont stop bugging me so..."hi"-eddie...and now i say
- *nic*