My Diary
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2002-01-11 20:54:30 (UTC)

I Need Help!! Please can you guys give good advice?

Dear Diary, Hey! Well todays friday!! I'm probaly going
skating! Like always.... But I really dont know what to do!
Theres this guy there thats cute... but hes a big pervert!
Hes a grade younger than me! Everytime I'm around him he
always is like trying to finger me and crap... and I mean I
ask him to stop but he cant get the point... and everytime
I get up and move he follows me! He seems to think we got
something going on... I would actully think about going out
w/ him if he wasnt a pervert but he cant get the point and
I dont know what to do, I'm about out of ideas! well got to

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