listen to my silences
2002-01-11 20:34:18 (UTC)


times are getting easier
don't worry i'll be fine
i am becoming stronger
i'll conquer this dark world of mine

i'm doing lots better, for those who care.

right now i'm really worried about geoff. something wasn't
right this morning. all day really. he just couldn't hide
it this morning because he was tired and this afternoon he
did a very good job of hiding it. i don't know what's
up...but i'm here...for anything.

brodie and i talked longer today than we have in like two,
maybe three weeks. hopefully i'll talk to him tonight at
work, depending on how busy we are.

brian and amy are doing well...they're working stuff
out...don't know exactly what's going on with mary...

well, i'm off...later all.

final thought: you saw the face of your deciever when you
looked into the mirror

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