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2002-01-11 20:03:32 (UTC)

My Journal!!!!

Hey There.

Today has been one of them days! I waited up until 3am(couldn't fall
asleep after that either) for bill (my man) to call me. His mom was
put into the hospital last night and he had to go to Salt Lake. Well
he never called, I hope everything is ok with him. I meet Bill on
paltalk. From the beggining I thought he was the incredable
guy! Never thought he would like me more than a friend! I
was wrong! We started talking a few days before christmas
and hit things off. I am totally in love with him! Hes my
whole life! We haven't meet face to face yet! Soon, I hope.
Hes a 36 year old divorced, man with 3 kids! I love him
enough not to let that bother me. I know in the end, we are
going to be together, and happy. I think about him, and I
smile, and can't wait to hear his voice. We have our sexual
side, phone sex and what we can on the computer. I have
never been turned on so much. He makes me feel like know
matter what I do or how I act, hes going to love me!! I
hope someday we get married, thats how much I love this
man!! I want to get on a plane and go be with him NOW!! I
am willing to put my whole life behind me and start over
just so I can be with the man I love him more than anything in
my life! I was in a relationship before for 3 years, and I
never felt this way about him. I know its true love. Well,
I think thats all for now! Maybe more after I talk to my
baby. I love you Bill!!!