Book of Shadow and Light
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2002-01-11 19:54:38 (UTC)

Music--Universal Language

Hiya, How goes it?

As I sit here typing this I am speaking to a good friend of
mine named Fletcher. The topic--This is nothing unusual,
as many of our conversations are of this sort--is the topic
of music.

Fletcher sais that music that freaks him out is music that
he will take a liking to. He doesn't exactly mean
frighten, but something that startles him, for lack of a
better word. We were speaking about Black Sabbath by Black
Sabbath a moment ago. I love this song and Black Sabbath--
the band--chose wisely in giving this song their band name.
Anyway, he sais this song freaked him out when he first
heard it.

I understand what he means. It catches my attention. Ozzy
just has a certain charismatic vibe about his voice. I
suppose charisma is used correctly; at least I'm sure you
understand me. It just catches my attention, especially in
a song such as Black Sabbath. It adds a very mystical
quality to the song.

That is what draws me to music. I enjoy the magickal
quality that some songs exhibit. I try to see magick in
everything and when I see this quality in music I am drawn
to it like a moth to a flame. It draws forth emotion from
me. Those emotions may well be of anger towards a certain
thing that I feel strongly about, or those may be feelings
of joy, love; or contentment.

Music is something that we all love in some way, shape; or
form and it is essential. What I find magickal, someone
else may not. It depends on the person. As long as music
does continue to send that magick back to us--we do after
all put that magick in our selves--it will continue to grow
and evolve.

Music is the one Universal Language. That language may be
spoken by people with dialects, but that language is
definitely spoken by all.

Tori Amos
Black Sabbath
Ozzy(after he left Black Sabbath)
Marilyn Manson
Lorenna McKennit
Smashing Pumpkins

These are a few of the bands I, my self, listen to.
I like to think that my tastes are quite diverse--they no
doubt are--but these are just off of the top of my head.

'Till the Morrow & Goddess Bless
James (Drinin)

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