Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2002-01-11 19:39:41 (UTC)


Hey all! Me and my two main chicas, Kara and Becca are just
chillen here at my house! We just spent like a half an hour
trying to make my profile on AIM fit all of our inside
jokes in it....well actually, we even left out like a
million. lol. sooo funny. We are chillen just hangin out
gettin ready to make up a dance so that we can kareoke at
the next party!! SWEET ASS! Well, yes, our song of the day
today is Blink 182, FUCK A DOG! It is the funniest song in
the world. Thats all for now! Bye all!
Love ya'll and Godbless!
Kel and Kara and Becca

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