Intrigueing diary title
2001-04-13 20:51:14 (UTC)

Sadistic teachers who love torturing students with endless reams of work

So much work to do yet, here I am pissing about on the
internet(stares at door in case parent comes crashing
through and threatens me with spatula) chemistry is fun
apart from the bits with chemicalsand work. Does that make
me lazy? yeah I suppose it does Nothing bad has happened to
me for ages oh yeah some kids shouted jitter and scarred
me emotionally. Bollocks the little 8 year old kids were
blatantly on crack to celebrate the sixth birthday of their
pregnant smacked up girlfriends. Sorry that was really
harsh but I really don't like those kids(stares up at
ceiling while stabbing holes in photo of lisa riley)
I can't look at the rocket launch the trophy wives of the
astronauts.And I won't listen to their words ,
cause I like
I recently discovered I'm quite scared of university mainly
of turning up to my first class and seeing a carbon copy of
myself and discovering I'm not as individual as I hoped.
Wow that was almost pathetic I'm quite tempted to delete it
to maintain my internet cred.
Anyroad I'm off now yep you've guessed it another dramatic
exit from the dester(hums Indiana Jones theme and sprints
off into the distance while being pursued by a large
p.s does anyone know a lady who loves cadbury's milk tray
Oh yeah still haven't had any feedback on the possible
existence of woodchucks.