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2002-01-11 19:14:24 (UTC)

much better feel good..hehe

so much has gone on..tired of things always turning out
bad..but i've thought about's my last year in high
school and i finally decided to make the best of what is
left of it..i want to feel happier with myself because i've
been really depressed and i've forgotten the meaning of
self worth lately..but i found it again..and i'm glad that
it wasn't too late..i talked to jeremy and thought about
how he cares about me..and then i thought of my friends
kat, jess, and lizzie, and i thought that if i took my life
it would be selfish because i wont be thinking about how
sad it would make them all feel..and i don't like it when
the ones i love are sad..

if i'm gonna be happier..i'm gonna be myself..i'm gonna
dress the way i want to dress..besides it might make me
happier with who i am..i need to buy more clothes first..

today i'm wearing something pretty different..a green
button up shirt with a long sleeved burgundy shirt under
and a tie..i've gotten nothing but compliments today..don't
know if jeremy will like it though..the colors kind of reminds me of the way i used to dress: no fashion
sense..just free..

i'm better started yesterday..but i'm even happier
today..i don't know why..

i miss jeremy and i'm finally gonna see him today..which
makes me happier..gonna go see a play with him and
jessica..she's such a sweet girl and i'm glad that she's
letting jeremy hang out with her durring school..can't wait
to see both of them really..

well i'm getting tired of writting because i'm hurrying to
finish this before class is over..

end- *nic*