I miss you
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2002-01-11 17:48:31 (UTC)


I decided this morning that i really didn't want to go to
school today so I stayed home. I got my room pretty clean.
Last night i finally got tickets to see Weezer & Saves the day!! I
dunno how it's gonna be though b/c its at one of the biggest venues
around here. Then I went to see Orange County. Colin Hanks... yes
Anyways, I burned the Finch CD last night because i lost my
old copy of it somewhere. Im going to the market soon to
buy some more apple juice. I am out. :( Its my liquor. But
everyone knows that already. So I am so bored. My mom drove
my car to work so that i couldnt leave the house b/c i
can't possibly stand to drive her car. But in that process
she took my Dashboard CD b/c i left it in the car last
night :( So i got a weird email from Joey last night.
Talked about how he wanted to kiss me a lot or something.
He made a little kissy thing. on the screen. hmm... I'm
wondering what he wants from me now. But in actuality i
think i know. =X I am now in the prosess of finding a boy
that doesnt have any serious mental issues... That's the
story of my life though.... Catch ya later!


'You don't do it on purpose but you make me shake. Now I
count the hours til you wake. With your baby's breath
breathe symphonies. Come on sweet catastrophy. Well maybe
this time i can follow through. I can feel complete. Stop
paying dues. Keep the rain from falling. Keep my ocean's
calm. This time i know nothing's wrong.'
-Hurricane by: Something Corporate


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