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2002-01-11 17:31:38 (UTC)

i just got home from school.....

i just got home from school...
it went really well today. =)
i talked to shawn and hes a cutie. i love him.
i feel bad because i never pick up the phone when he calls
me...im just a huge bitch i guess.
my alarm did not go off this morning.
and i dont know for sure why.
emily called me at 905
yeah i didnt call her this time =)
im so glad she woke me up though...
i would have slept till past noon.
i was and am a very sleepy girl.
i cant wait for tonight when i get to see her =)
im excited and giddy and thats funny.
but i love it and i love her so its okay
im about to go see a movie with sandra.
i hope that it goes alright.
im glad that were friends again, i really am.
it was important to me
its still a little weird on my part just because i hated
her for so long
but time is amazing sometimes
and i guess this time it actually did something good for me
my sex teacher is hot heheheheheheh
chirstina called me but i dont want to see her and im not
going to call her back
not her day today.
i need to clean myself. i hurt right now.
i love emily so very much i cant wait to sleep with her
its hard for me to sleep without her
and i havent slept with her in a long time now..
i need that.
and, i miss mowie too.
dave thomas is dead.
and thats sad.
but anyway
im going to go lay down before i have to leave.