CNA Life
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2002-01-11 17:26:20 (UTC)

Day Five

Went to 5th through 7th, teachers were kinda amazed to see
me there. Oh well. I don't understand it, nothing that I
have gone over in the past 4 months has happened. With the
exception of a few things, of course. But I expected
this. Karry St. Bean and the other nurses at the hospital
seem to enjoy this. I've met some interesting people
there, like the high strung older woman for example. I
know that I've made the right choice to go into the medical
field. To be a physician, you have to know how to deal
with people of all ages. I've worked as a waitress and at
an elementary school so I can handle all sorts of people.
Especially cranky ones. They seem to be my specialty.