Pure Belligerence
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2001-04-13 19:02:26 (UTC)

*Love and darkness, side by side till the end of time*

Yesterday, when my dad was picking me up from school at 7,
i was telling alicia and derek i really hope he picked me
up in the nice red car, not the icky red or blue ones, but
now i really dont know why i mattered. I mean, i dont know
anyone from night school besides i think 8 or 9 people and
they dont care.... i dont know why i should. On the way to
my dads house, he was not the happiest person. He 99%
always nice to me and not bitter, but thats not how he is
in general. He says he doesnt like people.... But he
happens to be a correctional officer in the hole at the
womens prison in danbury. He was like.... i didnt have a
good day today.... the whores were being f-ing scumbags....
nice dad.... He calls me a liberal just because im not a
republican and i dont think he should kill poor animals (it
wouldnt even be so bad if he killed the weak ones for food,
but he kills the biggest and strongest which makes the
species as a whole weaker, and he eats what he kills but
its not like he couldnt just but meat at the store or
something. Oh which reminds me of something else,
yesterday he showed me what he bought at the store....
bison meat.... arent they supposed to be endangered? I
told him not to buy anymore and he said alright honey....)
and i get pissed off at him when he makes racist comments
about people, which is often. Last year i had a big fight
with him and he was being an ass and brought up my
cousin.... who happens to be half black.... and i was
really hurt, but more angry than anything. Ugh, i really
dont know where he gets that from.... my grandparents are
nothing like that and i will bet anything they never were.
But i guess im not going to change his unfair ways so i'll
try to unbrainwash my half brother and sister so they dont
turn out like him.