this is my life
2002-01-11 16:23:54 (UTC)

Goin' out with Karla

karla just called. i'm really excited about the two of of
going out today. i've really missed her. i hope we have a
kick ass time today. i have no idea what we're going to do
or anything, but i guess we'll see. maybe we could go to
the mall and see a movie or something. i don't know..i
don't care. i'm just really glad we're getting together.
not to mention i'm just glad to be getting out of the house.
it feels like i've been in here forever. i have to go back
to work tomorrow..yuck. i don't mind it though. oh..we got
good news about our insurance. jeb will get insurance
through work on jan. 29 i think. then once we get
married..change of family..i'm on. pregnancy isn't a
pre-existing condition. the rest of the pregnancy and the
birth and everything will be covered. then once the baby's
born..change of family..baby's covered. don't skip a beat.
we were nervous that the rest of the pregnancy wuoldn't be
covered..but it is. i'm looking forward to getting married.
i like the idea of being mrs. jeb hardison. kathy hardison.
that sounds good. we had thought about naming the baby
madison, but madison hardison..that's out of the question.

i downloaded some porn last night. jeb put it in the movie
player and now i can't get them to play. thanks, jeb. just
kidding. i wasn't really in the mood to watch them, i just
wanted to see what i had downloaded. o well..i have to go
feed lucy and put her out. karla should be here soon.