2002-01-11 15:36:19 (UTC)

Some Time Off

Again, I am plagued with ear infection problems. This is a
chronic condition for me year around but it much worse in
the winter. I'm going to take a few more days off and hope
that it clear up.

Here's a summary of the past few days.

Because there are only four of us again I've had much less
cooking and baking to do. I did bake an orange cake and the
dinners have all been comfort ones--spaghetti and chili were
what we had the past two nights.

I became frustrated with the quilt tops I was working on so
I put them away and began Sarah Sporrer's "Time Began in a
Garden". This combines embroidery and applique and isn't as
difficult as I'd thought it would be.

I mailed a package to Jack which included a birthday card to
send to his grandmother. I still need to order flowers for

The weather has been typical Oregon-- fog in the
mornings, rain, clouds, and wind. The wind doesn't help
my ears any so I try to stay inside as much as possible.

I should be back in full force in a few days. I hope.