Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
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2001-04-13 18:56:14 (UTC)

Hey hey!

Nothing new has happened but I might as well write
something so I don't get booted off this thang'! Ummm..hey
I picked up sticks!! What a acomplishment! I did some work!
WHOA BUDDY!! Let's see...I am failing sux..the
teacher is a dumbass..and uh..YEAH! My mom didn't even care
so that was cool! In bio I am getting a B and the
teacher's aid is freaking ticking me off! He thinks he
knows me so well...god he even thinks I never see my
parents like I'm a foster child or something...WHAT A MORON!
My stupid cousins are coming down tomorow and I am so
screwed! I hate it when they come over! I mean...they act
like they own my house! AND ALL MY STUFF! Well that be all!
Check-ya laters! Chow-

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