Living Life On Life's Terms
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2002-01-11 13:51:50 (UTC)

Awoke in a Sweat This Morning....

Dreams of humiliation and sorrow filled my night. Thinking
about the possibilities of reconciliation or not.

Had lunch with Mike yesterday it was nice. But after work -
no call. Had me on edge, the wishing, the waiting, the
disappointment again.

Supposed to meet him for lunch today - but then I NEVER get
to see him on a weekend. Only when he is at work monday
thru friday. Weekends are too hard for him to get away, he
lives with someone (he is not in love with her, at least
not anymore)... he hates her... but we are stuck between a
rock and a hard place. We can't afford a rent here, and my
parents won't let him move back in. So we spend the time
we can together, treasure it.

And wait for some luck to help us.

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