Skuz9c1's Thoughts
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2002-01-11 13:05:59 (UTC)

Come On You Stupid Machine, Drop The Bag of Animal Crackers

Thats what i would say if the damn vending machine didnt
give me my .65 cents worth of animal crackers at werk. But
anyways, im testing this.

Werk was fun today. Had to teach a guy who knows little
english to use a "Slim Jim", tsk tsk tsk, stupid mexicans,
they should know how to break into cars and he cant use a
slim jim, but the black people sure did. heh, then im out
infront of HR (Human Resources) and a girl lockes her keys
in her car with the engine running, so i drove her to
Security office and gave her the Slim jim. I cant do it cuz
its a Bissell Policy, but i suck at it anyways, so whats
the point.

This is my life: Sleep and think about tits and caprices,
then i wake up, then i go on my walk and think about tits
and caprices, then i werk and talk about caprices while
thinking about tits while talking to Barb. Darwin (God for
you believers out there) Bless old people, they still find
my comedy funny.

Nothing planned this weekend, just gonna werk on my site
all night Fri night/sat morning. then its sleep, then its
Cops on at 2000 hours Sat evening, gotta have my fix there,
then its being bored and doing stuff. damn im rambling now.

Caprice Caprice Caprice Caprice, thats all i think about 67
more days, muahahahahahaha, anywho, i'll add more when im
wake up and not doing anything.

Current Song:
Sevendust - Angels Son

After reading that, i realized sumthing, i had a girl in my truck and
i didnt even realize it til 2 hours later, fuck shit, o well, i cant
socialize with Bissell Associates, but damn, she wasnt that bad,
looked mexican, but she had long brown hair, and you know how much i
like that, now its time for bread BI!