Evil Elvis
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2002-01-11 12:30:36 (UTC)


Had a very bizarre conversation the other day, it started
off with a discussion on Deja Vu...I had a weird burst of
deja vu in the office the other day, it was so strong,
altough it's always over something really meaningless, it's
never a huge thing. I've always had it since I was a wee
kid, I dream events and then they happen, usually ages
after I had the initial dream

Anyway, we then went onto discuss perception. How do we
know that what you see is the same as what I see?!?! Just
becuase we are told at an early age that that's right.

For example, how do we know that just becuase bees have
lots of eyes, they see things in that crazy honey-comb type
way....we have two eyes and see things as one image. Again,
we're just told this and accept it.

The human mind always confuses me....it's all just flesh,
fluid and electrical impulses, yet it controls our every
move, memory, insinct...everything! That's pretty damn
amazing if you stop and think about it for a second....not
too long tho...

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