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2002-01-11 12:25:21 (UTC)

today,because of yesterday, he's getting exactly what he wants

Well,my connection came thru, got me some first-cut premo
weed,we toked a doob,he had to go to a basketball game at
his kid's school,so he couldn't drink any beer,but he did
as he promised, although I've been waiting around a
campfire a whole week,drank 3 30 packs of MHL,18 PACK OF
BUSCH,and a 12pack of MEISTERBRAU,still have no
hangover,that's good,oh well,here in a bit after I get back
from town,I'm loading my sneak a toke and going for a walk
in the woods and get stoned again,or I might just turn my
neighbor's boy on to some and get him stoned,he won't soon
forget about it,this stuff wasn't grown here in TEXAS, it
was imported from CALIFORNIA, BAJA side,till next