Like a book
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2001-04-13 17:43:15 (UTC)

Today it began


Today it started, I've decided to keep a diary because it
suddenly occured to me that I'm going to forget, one day
it's all going to fade out, even now my young childhood is a
blur with the only memories that I can recall being those
which are attached to strong emotions.

But I also strive towards the idea of becoming a writer,
however unlikely it may seem.

**Ignore the typos, they flow like a waterfall**

A bit about my self. I'm a girl, I live in London (UK)
with my Mum, Dad and occasionally my brother visits from
university. I like art, it's fun, never seems to be a chore.
I also like IT, my class enemy (no doubt you'll hear a lot
more about her) is really bad at this subject, makes it so
much more rewarding that I'm good at it, but for all I know
she could one day take my place as the computer loving geek,
a position very dear to me indeed.

But today, what happened on Easter Friday? Well I'm not a
christian, so really the already bad tv's decline in quality
as the major channels fill our screens with old movies from
generations ago and the short visit to the fair were the
only things that separated out this date in the calender,
and there's that whole Easter holiday thing to be *very*
gratefull for as well.

The fair, that was fun, I was dreading it for some reason
but like I kept telling myself on the ride over, it was fun
and walking on the gravel between rides I remembered this
doubt and smiled, every second I seem to become more of a
hypocrite but it's ok, a small price to pay for happiness.

But there was something wrong with the fair, the rides
didn't seem to be fast enough of go high enough to satisfy
me, it was more the surroundings I was in that made me
happy, the music blaring from the speakers, the laughing and
excited screams from everyone around me. Could there be hope
for me yet?

Some days I wake up and there's nothing, only the return to
school as a depressing mark on my calender. I feel that
freedom is so far away "enjoy your childhood, one day it wil
be gone," but I yearn to get on with my life, not get caught
up in Physics, Maths, Chemistry, geography and a list of
other subjects that I have to learn about, ready for the
tests which come twice a year, damn private schooling. I
have to put up with 21 other girls, might I add the constant
drooling over Eminem is getting just a *tad* annoying,
although he is kinda cute (if you turn upside down and half
close your eyes that is.) I just want to see my stories in
print, I put my stuff up on and the reviews
are so addictive, but so rare, so very rare.

I must go now, I'm so boring, as you can see, but I have a
story, one day it might just be the making of me.