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2002-01-11 11:09:43 (UTC)


Hmm...getting kind of worried...
I know it's soon but this is just unlike him. I sent him
another e-mail this afternoon, nothing intense in there,
just letting him know that I'm thinking of him basically.
If he's still on his other schedule, he's been off watch
for an hour, since midnight, and goes back at six in the
morning. Off at twelve, on again at six pm. If I haven't
heard from him by then, I'm going to e-mail this other guy
on his ship and ask if he's seen him around and knows if
anything happened.
There are three things I'm afraid of:
1. He got in trouble. He definitly seemed near the end of
his rope when I last heard from him. If he talked back to a
superior or got in a fight with someone, he could have had
his email privileges taken away. And much worse than that.
2. That hit on his head gave him a concussion. When people
get hit really hard, honestly, it can kill you or put you
in a coma 24 hours later. He could be in sickbay.
3. He doesn't want me anymore, or right now.
Or, what I hope, he's just been incredibly busy and hasn't
had the chance to sit down and write me.
It would surprise me if it was number three. I've never met
anyone whose been so attentive and sweet to me. Hopefully
that's not it. I can't imagine that it is though.
Especially, being in such bad conditions, you're liable to
miss anyone, everyone that doesn't represent work.
All I can do is wait and see...