All Fucked Up
2002-01-11 10:03:25 (UTC)

My Wife Wears Men's Clothes

This story could also be the Meaningless Zen Story Number

Dad and I were at the Venice Boardwalk recently-- dad
pushing his old man in the wheel chair which he doesn't
really needs but insists he does-- when out of nowhere this
odd looking Armenian w/a leather fanny pack approaches dad
w/an ugly ass pair of shoes that look like a cross between
water socks and those funky shoes that Pinnochio wore

"Look," goes the Armenian dude, "These are nice." My dad,
whom I noticed rolled his eyes in disagreeal, then humored
the dude by saying, "Wow, man-- you look like shit today.
What's your secret? Oh, I get it-- must be those shoes.
What lovely little numbers!" Then, out of nowhere and w/no
evident trace of human emotion, the Armenian dude says, "My
wife wears men's clothes." "Dad..." I started in question.
He nudged me, meaning, "Don't ask"

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