2002-01-11 08:30:17 (UTC)


today is my exgirlfriend's b-day. i didn't talk to her
because i think that it's better that way. It's mostly cuz
she doesn't seem to be happy when i call her. which sux
cuz i don't understand how someone that used to love me so
much, doesn't want to talk to me anymore. but i do hope
she's having fun being 21 and stuff. I do wish her the
best and hope we can become friends again. I went and
played basketball today like i usually do on thursdays. it
was pretty cool except it seemed like i was guarding all
these short guys that couldn't play defense so I pretty
much took them to school. It's not as fulfilling. man, i
should get to sleep. gotta wake up in 5 hours to work.
ugh. oh a lighter note, this girl i know, her birthday is
coming up on monday so i'll probably give her a call this
weekend to wish her a happy birthday. I still can't
believe mormons don't really celebrate their birthdays.
that just seems kind of odd to me. but there are
weirder...i should say more different religions out there.
welp, time to sleep. peace.