pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2002-01-11 06:51:12 (UTC)

i had someone i recently met he..

i had someone i recently met
he was unlike anyother guy
nice, sweet, caring...sure he'd
make fun of me, but i never had a second
thought in my mind
that he loved and cared for me
it has only been 2 months but that
is just enough time to realize
the feelings you have for a special someone.
as i first met this guy, i knew he was going to have
an impact on my life...
as the days went by, i grew attatched
and developed a love for this someone.
soon then came the time to express that love...
the feeling that you are liked, loved, and cared for
is great, and being reminded everyday, makes you're whole
life worth while...
having someone to wake up for in the morning,
and fall asleep every night in his eyes.
"not to worry i'm here for you"
something no one else has offered
"not to worry, i'll never hurt you"
something no one as ever promissed
but i was stupid and threw it all away
i released the greatest thing
that has ever been given to me
i had a feeling this was going to happen
i can't ever have anything too good to be true
i wreck it and destroy it
then regret it, and cry over it
knowing that if i only went for the other decision
i wouldn't be wipeing the tears
from my cheeks alone
i would have someone to wipe them for me
or better yet, not crying at all
if only i had chosen the other answer...
my world would be a much better place for me to live in
now, i wake up remembering the mistake i cannot take back...

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