ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-01-11 05:21:30 (UTC)

Total Bliss

Well my friendz everything is still great so far.Steve
didnt come over sunday cuz of the snow and Monday morning i
woke up and skool had a delay then they changed it to a
cancellation well i got all happy cuz i figured Steve would
have the day off too...well he didnt he just had a delay so
after he got out of skool and worked on his car sum he came
over.well we hung out for a bit then we went to go eat at
Burger King then we stopped up to see Flanny and
Manda.Manda has been down lately cuz of Chris going to jail
soon and i kno she iz gonna be lonely at the apartment by
herself so i'll be staying with her alot then.to keep her
sane.well Ed and his crew stopped by...itz been sooo long
since i had seen Ed but it was the same pyscho i
remembered..he's awesome.well Steve took me home around
10:30...then yesterday Steve and Butters showed up around
5.Stoney,Decaf,and Shana were all here chillin wit my sis
and Steve and Butter wanted to beat up the two guyz cuz
Stoney likes me but i kept the peace.well we ran to sheetz
to get cigars then we went to Flannys..angela and richard
were chillin there.we all ate sum pillz..i had to down mine
with bacardi rum and i got pretty fucked up..we all were.so
we decided to go to the mall at 9 but it was closed when we
got there so we all went and ate at penny's diner.then I
went home....well today our semester exams began..spanish
was a piece of cake...but chemistry was a whole different
story.i have a 79.7% in that class and she isnt gonna raise
it to a B..I was highly pist.well adam let me borrow his
Code Veronica book...i have like a chapter left and then im
done...i love the resident evil books..there bomb as
fuck.well steve stopped by after he got off work at 9 and
stayed till about 11....i didnt wanna see him leave...he
treats me so good and hes sooo romantic but not in the
cheesy way ..hes so creative about it.and get this.....he
told me those three words....and this is even crazier i
said them back..i told myself i would never say the L-word
again but i couldnt help it..thats how i feel...and its so
weird cuz ive never felt so strongly about a guy so
quickly.i really dig it.ah well tommorrow i have exams in
art and history ..no problem...art is rely fun right
now..we're doing Fantasy Art and im doing this 3-D thing on
Alice In Wonderland.I think imma start making sumthin for
Steve for V-day in there on my spare time too...i really
wanna do sumthin thats special and just by me.but then
again i suck at the whole romantic creativness
thing.tommorrow night should be bomb ....manda and flanny
are throwing a party and if me and steve dont crash there
then he'll prolly stay with me...i just wanna fall asleep
in his armz.well imma bounce.