Emotional Fluctuations
2002-01-11 05:20:11 (UTC)

It's been a long time...

Sorry, I know it's been a while but school started and the
first week is always hectic. I am reassured that I am a
heterosexual male by the sheer magnitude of head turns I do
n 1 day. OH MY GOD!!! This campus is LITTERED with
incredibly beautiful women and I'm losing my mind here. I
mean how can 1 man.. especially 1 n my condition hope 2
cope with the mind-numbing scope of walking goddesses. I'm
nervous about February. Maybe I should get a neckbrace. And
what of the girl I'm "with?" How long is this gonna last.
everyday she shounds more and more comfortable with our
relationship and everyday I get more and more uncomfortable
with it. My father, in his infinte wisdom, says I'm chasing
a dream. Well, he's right and that's ok because
sometimes... sometimes dreams get caught. I want the
perfect woman ok, MY perfect woman and she exists in many
different women. Well, I c her all the time and I always
want her. Of course upon closer inspection the women turn
out 2 b flawed n some aspect or else some life situation
prevents us from experiencing ultimate happiness. She has a
boyfriend, she's married, she's in love with some1 else,
her parents r racists, she's 2 young, she lives 2 far away,
she only likes guys with stable lives and lots of money,
etc... So I'm chasing this dream and I keep running after
her cause she turns me on and I'm so confused and torn and
I REALLY need 2 get laid... I need 2 engage in some over
the top sex that will blow my mind. DAMMIT It's been over 3
years! I'm dyin' ova here! I think I may explode and get
sexuality all over the place. (eww, not the prettiest of
pictures). Well, enough griping on my end. I'll talk 2 u
later. Peace & B Wild