The jerk files
2002-01-11 04:43:50 (UTC)

Wednesday the stupid wednesday.

Why is wednesday spelled like that? I think it's dumb.
Anyways, I went to that job place today for the pest
control thing. I got there and the guy said..."I am sorry
but i can't hire temp people." Ok...that would have been
useful if i knew that the night BEFORE!!! man. Ok, well so
i don't know what the crap i am going to do. Sucks...

After church tonight Pastor Jim called practice for
the CD project. (in case you don't know, I play lead guitar
for our church worship team.) It's kinda alternative
soundish. It's pretty hard for worship but not stupid. Just
distorted. We are going into the studio this next week to
record. I am not even nervous. Anyways, halfways through
practice, Pastor Jim gets a phone call and asks me if i had
found work yet. I said no. He said that i could work in the
bay area for $12.50 an hour until i got my tuition and
phoenix money paid off. Which is roughly $1100. So i am
getting up at 5am tomorrow to go to work in San Fran. Wish
me luck.

I'm going to be rich,