can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-01-11 04:23:24 (UTC)

math project

wow, twice in one day!
just finished my math project. attempting to recover from
chocolate, pepsi, white out and sharpie inhalation. my head
is pounding, but do you really think i can sleep?
my project SUCKS, despite the effort. i'm not worried about
my grade, its just not something i'm proud of. :::shrugs:::
oh well. besides my ONE sculpture, and ONE photgraph,
theres not much i am!
speaking of projects, still waiting for english term paper
back. i want to know how i did, because i worked my little
ass off on that!
work tomorrow. :P i'm so sick of dealing w/ greeley shit
and boredom and avon cultish shit. but, its good job. its
probably because i know almost exactly what i'm going to do
every day. need variety.
just trying to keep busy, because i don't feel like going
upstairs to bed.
sardou is sick. my poor baby. that was said w/ slight
sarcasm. i feel bad, but not all mushy oh no has a fever
uh...i really should have something interesting to say! my
life is getting pretty damn pathetic!
i think i'll go do... i dunno, something! maybe watch some
Boy Meets World--got the series finale in my VCR
already...starting to sound pretty good.

mood music: turn back time, Cher (thanks to Will&Grace)