I Debbie...
2001-04-13 15:36:15 (UTC)

Stronger and Stronger Still

Despite my hangover I feel pretty darn good. I sit here
drinking my coffee before I have to go to work and am at
peace. Another miracle yesterday was that Alyssa's boyfriend
will let us buy the car with a downpayment and then make
payments. I just about started a Hallalua chorus yesterday
between that,having a rental car,and that the check to my
credit card place coming through again and clearing this
time. Now all I have to have clear again is the rent check.
Last night at Walmart I went alittle crazy but I was so
excited that I can actually cook on Sunday instead of
worrying so much. Then again I didn't spend as much as
Donna. But she shops for Casey,too. Oh, I hope that they get
the bike today and the money from Gary's check they shorted
him. And the money from D's mom. That way Casey can have a
good birthday. I can't believe that Sears has no record of
the transaction for the bike. Typical!!!! I haven't liked
Sears ever since they raked dad over the coals re. repairs
for my blue car(my first car). They majorly overcharged him
and that sucks. But anyway, I had better get off here....I