Nicolas Reyes
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2002-01-11 04:10:27 (UTC)


Well today i am feeling allot better and allie finally came
to school after so long. She says that she was "sick" i
think that it was recovery from new years cause i know the
way she parties and thats the most logical reason. I'm glad
that i havnt gone that much with her cause i dont like that
stuff and she really dose so much. My brother and me are
really getting along now until he starts with his attitude
so ill be happy for now. yah but i really have nothing to
say today, oh yah never mind i saw nicole at her soccer
game yesterday and i was like trying to take pics of soccer
for yearbook but i kept looking at her and i mean shes just
so right, well i thought but ever since she told me about
that guy i see her in my mind then some guy steping in the
picture and pushing her away from me. I mean im not helping
out the situation cause i never talk to her but its like
ever time that i try to talk to her shes not there or shes
says that she is doing sothing so even when she is there
its like i never talk to her cause shes all like im jsut
leaving right now. so either shes lieing, which i dont
think. or thats just the way it is me never to talk to her.
i dont wanna seem like i call her everyday like five times
but if thats what it takes i will, but even if i do get to
talk to her what can i talk to her about. I just cant
handle her talking about another guys its hurts to much and
i feel nasea and like short of breathe. I never thought
that it could actually happen so now i belive cause it
happened to me. any ways ill talk to you later (self) hahah
im a dork but whatever.

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