short stories
2002-01-11 04:10:14 (UTC)


i live in a world where everything is perfect.

its never too cold nor too hot. people around me are the
friendliest, the smartest and the wittiest people you could
ever meet. together we do the most interesting things you
could think of. we talk about life, love, sex, social
issues or any topic that would make you think deep and
hard. we dont make stupid jokes or just talk about, you
know, sex all day. we know every word that everyone says.
like muff and stuff. we watch the best movies ever, go to
the best places, sing the most beautiful songs and eat the
most delicious food. we buy the best stuff too because
everything is so cheap here and we get a whole lot of
scholarship money.

and my school, man, its just well, of course, perfect! its
so perfect i cant even describe it. whenever i step into
that building, i just feel so proud to be a part of its
perfect educational program. everyday always seems like the
first day. full of excitement and anticipation! man, im so
happy i could cry!

riiiiing. riiiiing. riiiiing.


oh shit. another dream. perfect.

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