Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-01-11 03:58:55 (UTC)

Strawberry Banana

Today, was tiring. I had to spend academy with Zac, and
got to hear all about the car he's saving up to get. A
Barracuda no less, I mean, is it just me or are there so
many far cooler cars out there? The only problem is that
his 'dream car' is in CA, and well he's not... Then, Mike
showed up at lunch and told me the great wonderful fact
that he switched classes so he could spend more time with
me! Damnation. Everyone ignored me in history today, so
that was nice I was very unsocial feeling today. In
Chemistry some stupid ass guy names Chris, pulled the
emergency shower thing, and half the room was flooded, and
it soaked my Lit binder. He got suspended for a 2 days.
In PE we played dodgeball, which I actually remotely enjoy,
but of course I get clobbered by some dumbass hockey
player, and now I have a bruise on my elbow, from slamming
into the floor with him on top of me. Algebra II was the
best class of my day, which says a hell of a lot. Colby,
was stupider than usual today, and I have to be his partner
for our next project *growls* I yet again couldn't get
either one of my parents to take me driving. And just for
good measure, my dad knocked over my bike in the garage
today, he just happend to not see it and bumped it with the
damn van. No harm to the car, but I now have yet another
scratch on the fender, and my tail light is bent again. So
I get to screw with fixing that and changing the oil on it
tomorrow. Fun times. But I did find out that the ticket
for the Supercross in Salt Lake, well and Irving, TX, are
only abt $25. So I can afford them. But I'd have to go
with my dad, which will not only be degrading, but I'll
have to explain everything that's happening to him. *sighs
and blow up her non-existing bangs* The Horror of being
with my retatrded dad is almost too much to handle. And
then this morning, at 6:30, I'm barley sitting upright at
the table eating, and he randomly asks if I've been asked
out lately! I mean what the hell? Then he asks, about if
I'm interested in any guys, what would I wanna do for a dat
with them, and all that crap. Good grief, I mean I've been
up for less then 10 minutes and we're having THIS
conversation?! Jeez ... Its kinda sad there is only one
pro MXer from Alabama. I always figured there would be
more. I talked to Donnie Hansen's wife, over e-mail the
other day again, she really is nice, or seems nice anyway.
Yep, my one true brush with the real motocross community,
sad, very sad.