emo kween

i hug pillows
2002-01-11 03:52:03 (UTC)


he is so weird. ive been talkin to adam all afternoon. hes
a nice kid. but strange hahah.....jk. sheesh.

and belo and nicle were kinda mad about bray and all this
mess..i prefer to stay outta it..i like not being involved
in problems...hahah..

err. im dreading 4th tomorrow. we were gonna leave but, i
suppose we'll stay. :/

i still like my watch alot. and my girl scout shirt. haha.

thursdays are good. means tomorrow is friday..

and what else is there to write about...?

i think i have 2 tests tomorrow. did i study..?

pfff. no.

but i gotta call someone so im gonna .... :]

same holds from the same hands- stefffnerrr