this is my life
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2002-01-11 03:41:34 (UTC)

this is sad

this is the fourth time i have written in this today
just b/c i am so bored. jeb is snoring and karla's at
jenny's. you know what else i realize. i haven't really
experienced a whole lot out of life yet. yea, i'm only 18,
but i feel so much older. i work 40 hours a week, then come
home to mine and jeb's (oh..and his father's) messy house.
i'm really glad we're moving next weekend. the place isn't
big, but it'll be ours. i never hang out with my friends any
more..not that i keep in touch with a whole lot of them. i
don't regret any decisions i've made..i just want more. i'm
very happy with jeb and with our relationship. i just wish
i had more girlfriends. hanging out with danielle the other
night was nice..just to have a girl to talk to. yea..i know
i have karla, but she's never home. we are getting together
tomorrow though. i thought about asking her if she wanted
to invite jenny, but i thought that would be kinda rude. i
think she wants it to be just us. i like that. i miss
that. jenny and i are making a lot of progress. i think
we're going to go do something soon. i hope so. i miss her.
we used to be so close, now we've kinda drifted apart. i
guess we're just growing up.

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