Product of a Broken Home
2002-01-11 03:40:06 (UTC)

The Spontaneously Combustable Oyster Boy Who Looks Like A Forlorn Puppy And Hung Himself

so...i re-read that poem {and i use the term loosely, its
not worthy of the name poetry, it was mindless ranting} oh,
and on the topic of mindless ranting, yeah, i don't even
really know who its about, or who its too. sorry for my
lack of an explanation. must stop writing now, i cut my
thumb, sort of anyway, and it hurts everytime i press the
space bar.


ps-i met a jessika, who legally spells her name like that,
its awesom, if we combined her name, and mine, and took
away an s, we'd have my odd spelling, yay!...the thins i
learn in science class...shoes?