I miss you
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2002-01-11 03:34:06 (UTC)

Explination of people... for those who don't know

i won't do myself... duh

AARON- one of my best friends in the whole world. knows me
inside and out. (that sounds dirty... ewww) knows what
makes me function. and he lives right down the street. all
my friends that are chicks have a huge crush on him... why?
hell if i know.

JOE - guy i dated for about a year and a half. I've known
him since about the seventh grade. Can be super cool and
can also be really super mean. Most of my friends don't
like him at all. Im not friends with his friends and he's
not really friends with mine (though he likes to think he

GEOFF- he's not 'really' my friend. but in spirit he is *IJ* i feel
like such a fuckin groupie but i don't care. Geoff is the lead singer
of the band Thursday. my favorite band (though not for that reason.
b/c i hate that) No one else thinks he's attractive but that's even
better. you know what i've realized. that with long hair, tom from
blink is HELLA more attractive than Geoff...*IJ* (as strange as that
may sound)I sleep in his shirt!! YAY!

BRIDGETTE - my only girl best friend. i've known her for 4
years though she didn't like me when we met... oh well. She
thinks i flirt too much. But she's a catholic so it's cool.
She's blonde and a lot of people hate her :) hehe.
introduces me to all my one month things... *IJ*

CHRIS - what about chris... Chris is becoming one of my
really good friends. We are continuously on the same page
about EVERYTHING. We can look at each other and know
exactly what the other is thinking b/c it's the same. He
listens to creed. He's about the coolest Jesus kid i
know :P and he smells really good (he tells me im an oder

BRI - Brian is a really good friend of mine. He's hot, (he
made me put that) Doesn't approve of about any guy i date.
Practically wants to shoot joe.

NICK - guy before joe. a lot of history there. punk slacker
type. don't want to make this thing like 100 pages so i'll
leave it at that.

AHMED - My other half. We have the EXACT same humor. we are
married. and i make him brownies everyday. He brought me a
camel back from Egypt that i keep on top of my stereo. He always
cheers me up. Even when he makes fun of me. And he lets me put my
spanish book in his locker!! Woo hoo Ahmed!! (i have legally changed
my name to 'Ahmed's wife' at his request)

MATT - matt is in a gang with Chris and I. *IJ* any ways...
matt is an emo kid. He first told me about thursday which
gets him in here automatically! We got close when i was
having my first big ordeals with joe and I love him so much
for that!! he likes to get naked and do porn dances at
shows!! quality stuff! P.S. matt has a super cool belt... wonder who
got it for him.


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