One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
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2001-04-13 13:53:22 (UTC)

i woke up

FUCK...i woke up....I was hoping for some miracle and i
would mysteriously not wake up in the morning....thats
would be good. well, i guess i'll have to dedal with some
more bullshit today...who knows what it will be, but my mom
left me a note before she went to work saying that I HAVE
to go to my dads this hes gonna drag me to my
aunts house for easter and they are all gonna get drunk and
ask me questions about what happened to me....i havent seen
any of my family since before christmas. Alot has happened
since then, and i dont feell ike listening to the lectures
about how things could be differant for me if i just
tried....I'm so sick of hearing that...I DO TRY, but i just
get shot down everytime....I hate it...i just want to die...
I found out yesterday that the whoreface Kaitlin is going
around telling everyone that my older brother is
gay....WHAT the fuck is her problem??? it sucks becuz i
cant even touch her be becuz shes gotta restraining order
against me....fuckin pussy.....I dont care if people know
hes gay....MY BROTHER IS GAY!!!! AND?!?! god, if this shit
keeps going maybe i'll go shoot up some heroin like my GAY
brother....he says he stopped, but who knows, he always
looks fucked up...Oh well....LIFE SUX THEN YOU DIE....thats
all....I bought some weed last night...i think imah go
smoke and take some of this shit of my mind...write more
later.....send feedback......ta ta

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