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2001-04-13 13:48:56 (UTC)

Spring Break and Much, Much, More

Hello happy diary people! Hoping all is well here in
Diaryland! Things could not be better here! I was
accepted to go to Yale this summer for the Junior Statesmen
Summer School! Happiness is... Also, I was chosen to
compete in a speech contest Thusday. I hope I win. I
never win anything. It would be a nice change. Also, I'm
on spring break, so it's all good. I got a ride in mein
engal's DeLorean yesterday. That car is so rad! It is the
sweetest car I've been in in my whole life! The only bad
thing that has happened is my mom told me to go to hell and
she's complaining about how much summer school costs. As
if we don't have the money... Oh well, I will survive! I
went to the beach last night with mein engal and some of
his friends. It was nice. Saw a jellyfish. It was sorta
creepy. I want to go swimming today, but where should I
go? All of the lakes around here are gross. Maybe I'll go
to the KOA. If Daniel can tale me that is. Mom doesn't
want to. Boohoo! Oh well. I might go see my 6th grade
Social Studies teacher today. I to tell her about summer
school. If it were not for taking her class, I wouldn't
even care about Politics. She inspired me alot. Well
happy diary people, gotta go. Love to you all. And, hey
child, stay wilder than the wind and blow me into