All Fucked Up
2002-01-11 02:13:05 (UTC)

Fabled Shores

(I wrote this piece at 4 in the morning on December 15th as
on ode to my old man on his 55th birthday. Ray is no
ordinary guy...he's a survivor)


Dark, sensuous music
damaging the pink Pacific skyline in which Ray sees
visions of ancient Aztecs playing amongst the pathos of
The music renders the ravaged souls
w/it's dark slumber and promise of sun and psychosis on
the fables golden shores of Venice
Nullified minds come alive on the strangles shores at dawn
as Ray listens to the music emanating from the wild
shore for he is a soldier of inner wars
"Welcome home," the waves sing as they crash upon the leaden
shore, "Welcome home forevermore...."

Dad: although some 30 years late, welcome home, man