Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
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2002-01-11 02:09:36 (UTC)

Stressin out...

I used to think that I needed a boyfriend to make me feel
whole, but now all I need is music. Music is me. I am
music. Music consumes me, and we are one. Whoa... gettin
kinda deep there... Anyway, today during second period the
special ed kids had a basketball match, and I was sitting
there with one of my good male friends. I didn't realize
that my boyfriend was in the room, and I was hugging this
guy and kissing his cheek, and I really wanted to kiss him
on the lips, but he is just getting over a girl, and she
was right there... Anyway, my man said that he noticed
that I was all over the other guy, and the stupid pothead
didn't really care. I love my man though, and I'll try not
to be all over the other guy. Hehe. Whatever. I'm sorry,
I'm just really stressed about midterms, and I start taking
the first one tomorrow... I'm so gonna fail. I have 3
projects due, 3 tests to do tomorrow, and then quizzes out
the wazoo, whatever that means.