nothin left to say
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2002-01-11 02:05:28 (UTC)


Just turn away
Am I that ugly to you?
Don’t watch me drown
In that puddle I fell into
Pretend that you’re my friend
Pretend that you care
Leave me when I need you the most
It’s like you’re never there

Turn your head away
So you won’t be able to see
The reality that sets around you
So you won’t see me
Preoccupied with the small things
Just don’t look straight ahead
Because reality is a frightening thing
& ud rather hide away instead

Pat yourself on the back
After you hear me breakdown
Tell yourself you’re a good person
As you place the thorny crown
Back on my head & turn away
You’ve done your good deed for the day

Go back to your sunshine and flowers
You don’t want to see me
Deny yourself the pleasure of power
Of watching me crawl
Just turn your head away

its not the best i can write...but i don't know how i
coulda wrote this differnetly. it comes from the heart.

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