Ode to a psycho!HA!
2002-01-11 01:55:54 (UTC)

The Perfect Guy

my version of the perfect guy...
1. tall, but not so tall it's uncomfortable to talk to him (
damn resessant genes!)
2. fun, to be around
3. wants to be with me, not just as a trophy gf
4.intellectual, someone I can have a REAL conversation with,
someone who I can really get into it with.
5. opens the door
6. offers his jacket if he sees that I'm cold.
7. complimentary, compliments me, and we compliment eachother
in our personalities
8.thoughtful, remembers birthdays, anniverseries, and
holidays, and acts on them
9. not so georgous that he makes me look like a hag, but not
unfortunate looking either.
10. respects my interests and feelings even if he doesn't
ocupy the same standings on things
11. Someone who's happy going places and being social, but
likes me and you time too.

this guy doesn't exisit, but.............