A nun and monkey walk into a bar...
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2002-01-11 01:35:21 (UTC)

Parking Nazis Suck Monkeys!

They got me....TWICE! I can't believe it! Do they wait
outside your car or something?! And why do they pick a day
when it is next to impossible for me to get out of bed?!
GRRRRRR. I have two tickets here from today. On stamped at
935 this morning. That was when I was locking the door and
leaving the house. Im new here and dont really know when
the meters start!!! The second one was stamped at 520 pm.
Im writing this at 527. I left the house to put more money
in these damned forsaken meters and there was another
ticket!!! I cant freakin belive it! YAY Seattle Parking
Nazis!! I wonder if there is a quota that must be met for
some reason or another. Thats 50 dollars that I don't have
right now! Sometimes I hate being a broke college student!

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