2002-01-11 01:14:22 (UTC)

the odd monkey

i have no clue why im here
here as in alive but ya know
some people just dont seem to understand
that i have feelings
they bring up my hopes and then
they just sorta smash them to bits
kind of like a certian ex-boyfriend i know
and MOST of my friends are treating me like sh*t
im gettin sick an tired of it
im also gettin really mad at some people
ya know im beginin to really hate people
they have no consideration for my feelings
no one cares if i get hurt
no one would care if i wasnt here anymore
im tired of it
im really tired of being treated like sh*t
i hate this sh*t
people ignore me left and right
its as if im invisable
someone walked right into me at school today
like five of my friends looked like they looked right
through me
one of my newer friends walked right past me and didnt even
give me a second glance
im really starting to hate being here
i really dont want to be here anymore

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