Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
2002-01-11 01:14:11 (UTC)


Today was a very frustrating day. I dont want to go into
details, but basicaly it was frustrating. The good thing
was that last night I had a dream with Violet ^.^ I got off
of "Splash Mountain" after riding with my mom, and there
she was! She was waiting at the exit of the ride!! ^.^

Besides that, all of today was filled with some interesting
Psychic Phenomena. Andrew kept getting all these messages,
and then he calls me on the phone telling me he put his
ring and watch in his room through the use of
Teleportation. Also, he said he saw through the wall for a
moment to see his sister bashing a toy or something. This
kid is good, thats all I can say, this kid is good.

I myself, suck. I can spin the dinky paper and make psi-
balls, whoopy! I need to talk to Violet tonight, she always
makes me feel good. In the meantime, I better work on
meditating or somethin' I dunno.